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4524 Westchester Bourne, Belmont, ON N0L 1B0
4524 Westchester Bourne, Belmont, ON N0L 1B0

ITS Logistics Inc has been working with P&N Trucking Services for a few years now and our relationship continues to thrive as we help each other achieve common business objectives.

Kevin and the P&N Trucking Services team offers great service and are very dependable and proactive in their communication which is key to both the success of both parties.

They have a consultative approach with all our departments to understand our business goals, needs and initiatives. The end result is a solution which includes value-based offerings to us and in turn to our customer base.

By choosing P&N Trucking Services as our partner, we can rely on them to serve our needs with a professional and reliable service.

I would definitely recommend you to try the P&N Trucking Services approach that consists of understanding the needs and challenges specific to your organization to better help increase the service and profit margin.